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The brand June Skin Care today is the epitome of utmost trust and great value; and the customers we served through the years have even transcended generations.

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Experience an extensive menu of both modern and timeless treatments:

Drop in at our stylish beauty boutique and you will be rest assured our friendly consultants and experienced therapists to provide you with the ideal solution to your beauty and skincare needs. Be pampered and enjoy a relaxing session with a whole variety of our carefully designed treatments and services to suit different needs.

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Alarmed that your skin is not quite as firm and tight as it used to be? Fret not, there are treatments available to help. One example is the SDX Firming Treatment that uses ultrasound to help you with your skin woes. 

You may be familiar with the use of Ultrasound therapy in imaging and some other forms of treatments. However, do you also know that ultrasound is used for facial treatments?


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