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Aromatherapy Treatment

Facials are undisputedly the best way to pamper your skin. Now add Aromatherapy to the experience, and it becomes one of the most wonderful respites that any individual can enjoy. Aromatherapy facial treatments have gained tremendous popularity ever since. Let us look at why.

Benefits of Essential Oils for your Skin

Aromatherapy Facial involves the use of essential oils. When essential oils come into contact with your skin, the heat from your body activates the oil to give off a pleasant and soothing scent. The outcome? All kinds of positive energy – plus healing benefits for the skin.

Essential oils generally contain high levels of antioxidants that help to limit the production of free radicals which damages your skin. In addition, the oils also possess anti-inflammatory properties that are very helpful in keeping your skin in tip-top shape!

Soothes your senses

The soothing aroma from the essential oils helps to calm your senses and ease the nerves. It helps you to relax like never before. Preliminary research and numerous studies have shown that Aromatherapy can reduce levels of cortisol – the hormone which causes stress – and increase feelings of contention.

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If you’ve had a stressful week at work, why not pamper and recharge yourself with the incredible healing powers of essential oils and Aromatherapy at June Skin Care? At the same time, it’s a cleansing treat for your skin as well.

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