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Receive treatment for your skin's issues with our Enzyme Treatment Technology:

The Latest in Skincare technology breakthrough

Enzymes have effectively controlled the aging of skin. It rejuvenates the skin giving you the desired youthful complexion that you have always dreamed of.

The Aging Factors

Aging is a natural process of the human skin.

The speed at which aging occurs is controlled by genes and the environmental factors. The metabolism and cells renewal rate will decrease with time. These old and dead cells will gradually accumulate onto the surface of the skin causing the skin to age, roughen, and wrinkle. As a result, the skin will lose its original shine and it even blocks the pores and result in many skin problems.

Environmental pollution and chemicals in the air cause the oxygen level in the cell to decrease. However, the greatest enemy of the skin is the ultra-violet rays. Prolonged exposure to the sunlight not only destroys the collagen in the skin but also brings more problems in the near future. The skin will lose its elasticity and begin to peel in an uncontrolled rate and amount. This severe peeling of skin surface expose the precious inner layer to more serious skin problems and diseases such as acne.

Enzymes Have Effectively Controlled the Aging of Skin

Skin care products contain enzyme, which is able to “re-educate” the genetic memory in the cells and this will initiate the enzymatic response in the cells. This response made the cells believe that the surface of the skin is injured and it will trigger the auto-immune function and auto-healing function in the cells. These functions will exfoliate the damaged skin layer. It encourages the skin to shed its surface coating of dead cells and replace the old ones with new ones at a faster rate.

The constant use of Enzymatic products will stimulate cells to shed more smoothly and speedily, the way they did when you were young and by normalizing the skin’s outer layer. This will solve the problems of acne, blackheads, wrinkles, open pores and skin discoloration.

Main Features of Enzyme Technology Treatment System 酵素新科治疗系列主要作用:

  • 加速细胞新陈代谢 Accelerate skin cell metabolism
  • 令细胞弹性纤维更加活跃 Rejuvenate skin cell elasticity
  • 帮助皮肤的骨胶原纤维回复生机 Improve collagen synthesis
  • 清除表皮上之死皮 Exfoliate surface dead skin cells

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