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Meridian Eye Treatment

What are Meridians?

“What are meridians of the body?” Newcomers to Traditional Chinese Medicine commonly ask this question. To put it simply, a meridian is a channel through which qi and other fundamental substances flow. They go by different names, such as Acupuncture meridians, acupoints and energy vessels – but the names all refer to the same thing.

Meridians function as a network, like a highway system and can be mapped out throughout your body. There are location points for specific meridians, which you may have already seen on an acupuncture model at some point in time - similar to the image that follows.

Facial Eye Massage Ox Horns

What are the uses of Meridians in treating the skin around the eyes?

To be clear, there’s no need for acupuncture to treat the skin around the eyes – so folks who’re afraid of pain can breathe a sigh of relief now. Instead, we make use of an ox horn to massage key meridian facial points along energy pathways. In turn, it increases blood circulation, promotes collagen production for younger-looking skin, restores radiance to the skin, reduces puffiness around the eyes and lifts sagging contours.

Meridian Eye Treatment - Massaging Lifting Cream into the Skin Meridian Eye Treatment - Massaging the meridians with Ox horns Meridian Eye Treatment - Finishing the treatment with facial massage

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The Meridian eye treatment starts with the use of enzymes to exfoliate the epidermis layer of the skin. It unclogs pores, removes dead skin cells and brightens the skin around your eyes. Ox horns are used next as an acupoint stick to gently massage lifting cream into the skin around the eyes to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and achieve a lifting effect. Finally, a mask is applied to finish the treatment.

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