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Here's what others have to say in their reviews about the experience at June Skin Care.

Siyu Visited @myjuneskincare last week, and I’m super happy to declare that my complexion has improved drastically, now i can leave my house even without my make up on! 😸. I’ve got the Spa Radiant Pro Treatment and the Meridian Eye Treatment. I was attended by Shean, she’s very professional and patient in explaining to me my face conditions. πŸ€—.
Amanda Yong Achieved my #nofilter skin with @myjuneskincare so that I could take my holiday selfies shamelessly πŸ’πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ *Aroma MFM Facial Treatment* Say goodbye to dehydrated skin with the Aroma MFM treatment! The treatment helps to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores by starting first with exfoliation and extraction.
Following which, the therapist massages a generous amount of aroma essential oil and oil balm into your skin. The session finishes with a mask that hydrates your skin, repairs and protects your skin cells, leaving your complexion feeling soft and relaxed. 
Regina πŸ‘‘Miss Singapore 1st Runner Up 2018

Happy New Year friends!! So how I spent my NYE? I pampered myself with a 120mins hydration facial at @myjuneskincare to kick-start a New Year! So what's included in my hydration facial?
Step 1: Cleansing my make up.
Step 2: Facial essence and massage (I almost fell asleep here).
Step 3: Applied Balm Masque and exfoliation.
Step 4: Removing my black/white heads.
Step 5: My favourite Hydrating Mask (I fell asleep).
I enjoyed my whole 120mins and yes my skin feels so light. I did not apply any make up aftermath and head off to party off my 2k18!
Fonda Ladies, i simply love a classic cleanse and hydration treatment from @myjuneskincare , it takes 120 mins to complete and your skin will thank you afterwards as what you finally enjoy and get is a clarified skin complexion like mine. Voila πŸ€©πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ!! Ps: Seeing a beauty therapist on a regular basis for pampering is highly beneficial for looking after your skin. Special thanks to the therapist @myjuneskincare who always make beauty seekers like me feel welcomed, comfortable and satisfied after the session. No displeasure like having redness and inflammation post-extraction. No hard-selling. Just satisfaction and self-confidence! πŸ‘§
Kenny Recently, I've visited @myjuneskincare for the Aroma MFM facial treatment. The treatment helps to promote cell regeneration and restore moisture in the skin. It was certainly a pampering and relaxing session.